The passage of the 2018 Farm Bill legalized the production and sale of industrial hemp. This led to what was known as the “green rush:” a flood of industry newcomers looking to capitalize on this emerging market. We’re proud to say that we’re not green rushers, and our partner farms aren’t either. Our passion for this plant and our desire to share it with the world are borne of years of experience in the medical cannabis communities of California, Oregon, and Colorado. 

For over a decade, our founder has cultivated medical cannabis for her non-profit California medical collective, and in that time, she’s watched this plant change lives across the state. Our partner farms, based in Oregon and Colorado, share the wisdom of experience because they, too, operate in states where medical cannabis has been legal for many years.

How does that impact our customers? Well, anyone who’s ever tried to cultivate cannabis can tell you that it’s a challenge. Hemp plants are susceptible to all manner of pests and disease, which is why so many producers use heavy doses of chemical pesticides and fungicides. And because hemp is a cash crop, heavy chemical fertilization is an industry norm. But not our farmers! We only partner with farms that share our ethos of personal health and environmental stewardship. They grow hemp organically because it’s safer for you, safer for our waterways, safer for our pollinators, and safer for our next generation.