We started Caldwell Botanicals to bring cannabis to the masses. But we know that some of you have been connoisseurs since long before you could order a bag of weed legally on the internet! So here are a few fun facts for the weed nerds out there. 

We use grove bags to store all of our flower from the time it leaves the farm right up until it’s packaged for production. Grove bags are engineered specifically for cannabis flower. The permeable film diffuses unwanted gases and water vapor.  This creates an ideal, mold-free environment. The bags also protect the flower from UV rays that cause cannabis to degrade.

Once our flower is packaged for individual sale, we include Boveda two-way humidity control packets to keep the environment optimal. If it gets too humid, Boveda packets absorb the excess. If it’s not humid enough, the packets release their own humidity. All this careful treatment preserves the terpenes and locks the flower in at the perfect cure for a satisfying smoke!

The growers that we partner with are every bit as picky about their growing as we are about our packaging and cure. To prevent microplastics from leaching into the soil, our growers use only fabric row covers. No plastics allowed!Our partner farms in Oregon, where all of our smokable cannabis is produced, grow all of their flower in “living soil” that’s rich in microorganisms. These microorganisms help our farmers grow strong and healthy crops naturally, minimizing the need for bottled nutrients and pest or fungus interventions. It also allows for the fullest expression of the plants’ cannabinoid and terpene profiles. It’s a win for the Earth and a win for the consumer!

The living soil approach also makes our farms “regenerative.” Instead of stripping the soil of nutrients and reducing biodiversity by monocropping, regenerative farms build the soil and increase biodiversity. Our Oregon partner farms are proud of the fact that all of their farming methods are regenerative, and we are, too!